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Q. How should I configure Outlook (or any pop3 mail program)?

A. IMAP is recommended over POP3 since then the server will keep backups of your messages, and you can access your folders and messages from multiple devices.

IMAP mail server:

IMAP username:

Use secure protocols and ports whenever possible. Secure IMAP is port 995.

If you are more comfortable with POP3, here are the basics:

pop3 username:

The "%" symbol is no longer part of the username. Please replace it with "@" if you are having problems logging in.

pop3 (incoming) server hostname:

Select secure mode (port 993) if it is available.

smtp (outgoing) server hostname:

You must authenticate to use our outgoing mail server. Use "plain" (sometimes called "login") authentication and make sure to activate secure mode (port 465).
Always include your domain in the account username exactly as it appears in your e-mail address (no www).
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